Powering the marine industry

Through innovative websites, industry-leading partners and specialist marketing tools. We improve marine sales by connecting boat dealers with their buyers.

Since launching leading boat sales platforms Boats and Outboards and Boatshop24 over 20 years ago, Spidersnet Marine was born into the Friday Media Group family and we now offer the ultimate marine marketing service. We have firmly established ourselves as one of the key industry players in building great, high performing websites for various types of boat brokers across the marine industry. Our extensive experience in both website technology and the marine industry is one of the many reasons you should trust us to build and manage the lifeblood of your business.

We provide our brokers with more than just a website. Once you’ve decided on the look and feel of your design, you are then welcomed with a large choice of advanced industry tools, all designed to drive you more enquiries, such as our specialist SEO advice or our premium aerial drone footage.

Not to mention, once your website is set up, you’re able to broadcast your stock to a comprehensive network of leading marine classifieds websites, such as The Yacht Market, Apollo Duck, Friday-Ad, Boatshop24.com, Boats and Outboards and many more, all with the click of one button…

Take pride in your website

First impressions are vital, and we understand the importance of communicating your brand’s identity through your website. That’s why you’ll work hand in hand with our highly skilled designers to create something special for you and for your business.

Are you facing any of these challenges?

We can help! We chat to boat dealers every day, so we can sympathize with the challenges you’re facing within the marine industry. Our mission is to help boat dealers grow, therefore we work tirelessly in creating websites which combat every one of these challenges.

Get your stock seen

Once looking good, you’ll want those all-important sales! Well, we make the magic happen by allowing our customers to instantly broadcast their stock to all of the major marine classifieds websites in seconds, such as Boats and Outboards, Yacht Market, Apollo Duck and many more…

You can count on us

We’ve been building award-winning websites for dealers for over 20 years now. Our team are highly knowledgable and our live chat means you can chat to us anytime!

Get your stock seen

Our customers can instantly broadcast their stock to all of the major classifieds websites in seconds, such as Boats and Outboards, Apollo Duck and many more.

We make the process
super simple!

We’re with you every step of the way – Design. Build. Beyond.

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