10 statistics that prove how important search engine optimisation is to boat brokers!

by | Apr 14, 2019

Here at Spidersnet Marine, we’ve been championing search engine optimisation (SEO) a lot lately. We’ve recently shared a few informative articles with you on the following topics:


If you haven’t already given these two useful guides a read, then we’d highly recommend that you do. They’re designed to give you a nice introduction to SEO, outlining its importance to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We understand, clearly, how important this practice is to helping businesses sell more stock online. And we’re aware that a number of innovative, forward-thinking boat brokers, understand the importance of appearing high up on Google’s search results pages. However, there are still some brokers who are either unaware of how valuable this practice is, or are aware, but could be doing more to boost their business online…

In order for us to show our Spidersnet Marine brokers just how important good quality SEO is, we’ve gathered some important statistics that we feel might help. Take a look below and see just how important it is that your business website ranks high up on Google and other search engines for terms related to what you have to offer!

1 – 81% of people carry out online research before making a big purchase.



This statistic shows, right away, just how many people are turning to the internet when shopping for a big purchase. Boat buyers are browsing the web in search of advice on which make or model to purchase, to look for boat brokers in their local area, and to see which boats are available.

2 – 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.




Another huge statistic here. This time, we’re able to see just how vital search engines are when it comes to how people use the internet.

This shows that people often begin their search on sites like Google, rather than directly heading to a business’s website. Therefore, it really is important that your website is discoverable on search engines.

3 – 89% of the UK’s search engine market share is held by Google.



Speaking of Google, this figure here shows you just how dominant the search engine giant is compared to its competitors. This is why we bang on about Google so much when we talk about SEO. It really does dominate the field. Google is is followed by Bing (6.7%), Yahoo! (2.2%), and MSN (1%).

4 – 69,663 searches-per-second are carried out on Google.



Yes, that’s correct. Almost 70,000 searches take place on Google every second!

5 – 91.5 % of traffic generated by Google is shared between the sites appearing on the first page of search results.





The first four figures we chose show you just how many people use Google when it comes to searching for their next big purchase. This gives you an idea of how many people are utilising the most popular search engine when shopping for their next boat. However, as this number points out, being on Google isn’t enough. It’s also highly important that you are appearing on page one of the engine’s search results pages, for search terms relating to your business.


This means that if you’re selling speed boats in Kent, you will want to have your business’s website appear on page one of Google’s search results pages for a number of related terms. These will include (but are not restricted to) the following keywords:

– ‘Used’
– ‘Speed boats’
– ‘Boats for sale’
– ‘Kent’

If you’re failing to rank appropriately, then you will struggle to attract customers and generate sales from Google. This is why SEO, the practice of helping you rank high up in search results pages, is so helpful.


6 – 75% of people won’t scroll to page two of results!


As if to just emphasise the importance of being on page one of results, this statistic shows how few people will even consider scrolling to page two. Three quarters of people won’t even take a look at page two to see the results.


7 – 88% of local business searches carried out on mobile devices lead to consumers making direct contact with that business within 24 hours.


This figure shows how often an initial local business search on a mobile device, will lead to the consumers actually making direct contact with your business. This shows you that if your local SEO practices are not very good, and your broker website is not showing up in these local search results, you’ll be missing out on the opportunity for many potential customers to contact you.



8 – 59% of B2B marketers claim SEO has the biggest impact on sales.


59% of business-to-business marketers surveyed claimed that SEO was the most effective marketing method when it came to impacting on their lead generation goals. This show just how highly professionals in the marketing industry regard SEO, compared to paid advertising, social media, email marketing and all other methods.


9 – 368,000: The number of times the term ‘Boats for sale’ is Googled in the UK each month!

This number shows you how many people up and down the UK are searching for boats on a monthly basis. And if we take the county of Kent on its own, we can see that on average, 14,800 monthly searches take place for the search term ‘boats for sale UK’.

An SEO expert will be able to show you the search volumes for a whole host of different search terms. This means you’ll be able to see which specific key search terms you could be targeting. If you’re able to identify specific search terms that garner high search volumes, you’ll be able to tailor your website and marketing efforts to attempt to rank well for these terms.


10 – 34% – Spidersnet increased one business’s organic traffic by over one third.


Spidersnet Motors has been offering ongoing SEO work to customers for years. The work undertaken by Spidersnet for motor client Alan Kerr Ltd, saw organic traffic increase by over a third. Between February 2018 and January 2019 the business’s organic traffic improved by 34%.


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