CALLING MARINE BUSINESSES: Could your current website be limiting your marine sales?

by | Oct 24, 2018

A lot of boat brokers across the UK may be unaware of just how powerful good websites can be when it comes to their online marine sales. Most people assume that a website exists to be an ‘online shop window’ however, it’s much more than that, and if constructed in the right way, your website can be the fuel to your boating sales! So what is a ‘good’ website? Looking attractive is definitely a must for luring in visitors, however there are various other essential components your website must include l if you want to take your boating business to the next level

What makes a good quality website?



First impressions count when it comes to your website. Similar to when you visit a clothing store, if there’s an unattractive shop floor display, you’re probably unlikely to purchase anything. If your website looks ugly and dated, boat buyers will do the same, but just exit your website and visit the thousands of other alternatives selling what you sell online.

User-friendly and mobile responsive

A good quality website should be clean, and well organised. It should be easy to navigate otherwise visitors will become impatient. Filters and search bars are essential, especially for boat buyers as they allow them to find exactly what they want more quickly. If your website isn’t mobile responsive you’ll be prohibiting a lot of potential customers. 70% buyers search for boats on their mobile so it’s essential you accommodate for this audience.


If you’re selling anything online, it’s crucial that you put some effort into securing you site properly with an SSL certificate, This will prevent you from being hacked, if you don’t have enough knowledge in this field, then choosing a website provider that does is recommended.


It’s all very well having a website which looks nice, but you also need it to act as the ‘fuel’ to your boat sales. Ideally, you want your boats to receive as much exposure as possible. Most boat buyers across the UK search for boats on classifieds like and Yacht Market. It’s possible to purchase website packages where specialist software allows you to integrate your adverts with your website. Spidersnet Marine allows their customers websites to broadcast all their stock onto multiple leading online UK boat sales platforms instantly.

Search Engine Optimisation

Most marine businesses have a website, but how are potential buyers finding them? ‘SEO’ is an important consideration when building your website, it allows you products and business to be easily discoverable online, this is done by including certain ‘search terms’ within your site, and ensuring your site is moderated according to Google’s algorithms. Search Engine Optimisation can be a complicated practise, so most marine businesses will reach out for professional help in this field. By choosing a website provider which offers this feature, will ensure that your website and products rank highly on Google, increasing your chance of sales.

Social media integration

Most people these days belong to various different social platforms. So using this as a tool to communicate to potential buyers could really benefit your business. Integrating it on to your website, will save you time and build brand awareness. Not only will it allow you to reach more customers but it will also boost your SEO which will improve your business.

Want to get a website that ticks all these boxes?

Spidersnet Marine specialises in boat broker websites and Leadspring in creating sites for any type of marine business. Both company’s are marine specialist website designers who are guaranteed to create something special for your business.

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