The best tips and tricks to help you sell your boat!

by | Oct 24, 2018

There’s only one thing standing between you and your dream boat- your current boat. It’s always hard giving up your boat, you’ve had so many good memories on it but it is a real advantage to have that extra cash from the old boat to haggle for your new one. Here are some amazing tips and tricks to sell your boat for as much as possible, as quick as possible!

Freshen up!

Even clean cabins can still smell a bit musty if left unopened for a while. Let air freshener be your best friend! Hide some saches discretely inside cupboards or in jars, open up the windows and it will smell better in no time!

Last minute makeover

It’s simple- if your boat doesn’t look nice it won’t sell! Find some spray on furniture wax its quick and easy for a potential buyer that is coming round later that day.

Do some touch ups

Focus on the bigger touch ups like re taping your boat stripes, getting rid of grease in the engine and cleaning the bilge, it will look a lot better!

Papers, papers, papers

Have all of your title, registration, extended warranty and service records if possible. They will make you look organised and reliable and will definitely convince buyers to chose you!

Charge it

If your boat has been sat for a while, it might not start straight away and could scare off potential buyers! Check the battery, charge it is its low, find some fresh gasso you can easily start right up! Warm up the engine for about an hour before a potential buyer comes, it will perform much smoother.

Clear your stowage

Empty stowage areas make them look bigger and better. They will love how spacious it is when you’ve removed all your gear and things that are hidden in there.

Lighten up

When your boat is lighter it will plane much easier, take off the canvas and ask the buyer to come alone or to bring as little people as possible. Your boat will be more agile, swift and can attain rapid top-end speed that will impress.


You need publicity so advertise heavily! Get in touch with your local boating community, local newspapers, boating press and definitely go online, most things are done online nowadays and will help a lot with finding people for you.  

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