Boating Legend Earl Bentz Set to Launch ‘Market Leading’ Boat Brand

by | Nov 23, 2018

You’ll have no doubt heard of Triton Boats – a U.S. – based fishing boat company who revolutionised the construction of recreational and commercial vessels by combining foam with fiberglass and using absolutely no wood whatsoever. The company was founded by Earl Bentz – former member of the very successful Mercury Racing Team who showcased their production skills through elite competition with Bentz at the wheel through the 70s and 80s. Beyond that, the American also sat as president of Outboard Marine Corporation for a number of years. Recent news revealed that Bentz would be taking his successes even further by launching a brand new company that will once again challenge the way fishing boat industry operates.

Caymas Boats is set to begin production early next year in “the home of fiberglass boatbuilding”, Tennessee – using updated facilities at the former HQ of Bentz’s Triton business. As well as this, brand new buildings will be constructed in and around 13 acres of the existing site, making Caymas even bigger than Triton once was. The venture will, in turn, generate nearly 300 jobs and some of these positions will be filled by existing Triton employees. This additional investment into Caymas is reportedly in excess of 30 million US Dollars.

The company will use fiberglass elements to construct two initial vessels; the first being a 21-foot bass boat and the other a slightly bigger ‘saltwater bay boat’ measuring around 27-foot. Bentz has expressed his desire to release a further selection of vessels later on in 2019 to accommodate for a much wider slice of the fishing market.

The Triton 22 TRX – Part of Bentz’s former wood-free fishing fleet.

Earl says that he’s incredibly happy to be working with some of the best engineers and craftsmen once again, as he plans to bring a host of accomplished individuals with him who were pivotal in the development of companies like Triton and Stratos. This is a very intriguing project that will have many more developments down the line. With Bentz at the head of operations – a man who has more than 50 years of experience in the industry – we have no doubt that Caymas will go on to not only top the US market, but have a huge impact on the European fishing boat industry.

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