British Sailing Giants Clipper launch brand new China branch

by | Nov 16, 2018

Obviously notorious for its ‘Round the World Yacht Race’, Clipper is a truly iconic franchise across the entire world, providing the sailing community with events that are respected just about everywhere on the planet. The Round the World Race is one of the biggest tests of a persons strength and endurance to have ever existed – even with the occasional fatality.

This month, in an attempt to inspire even more people to get into sailing, Clipper has launched a partnership with the China Yachting Association (CYA) to begin sailing training and events in Eastern Asia.

Clipper Events was founded in 1995 as a franchise which would act as an organiser for the Round the World Yacht Race – which also began in this year. The company was produced by none other than Robin Knox-Johnston alongside William Ward. Knox-Johnston was the first person to ever sail around the entire world – which he did solo in 1969 – and this sparked his idea for the race. The brand name ‘Clipper’ derived from tea clipper boats which were small vessels used for transporting cargo quickly across the oceans. 23 years later the race is as popular as ever and looking to expand even further. This desire to branch out is where the new Chinese partnership was formed.

Team China at the Youth Sailing World Championships in 2016.

The aptly named Clipper China will offer keen sailors the chance to join one of their academies, where people can learn how to sail from the basic level as a beginner, right up to courses that would challenge even the world’s best. It’ll host its own events too; national competitions to encourage the sports-side of things.

In even more exciting news, they’ll be working with British architect Tony Castro to craft their own unique fleet of yachts that will not only be used at the academies but competing in regatta races too.

CEO William Ward made the trip to Beijing himself, where the proposal was expressed to the public at the annual China Sailing Cities Forum. Clipper has prided itself on training thousands of future sailors to become the best over the years; their theory here is that the huge population of China will provide them with resources to be even more successful in this area of the world.

Sailing has been growing in popularity in China for a number of years – the number of Chinese teams in the Round the World Race will be the biggest ever come 2019 and they are already the third highest participating nation in the race.


It’s predicted that China will be a huge force in the sailing industry within the next few years.

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