The Highly Anticipated Vanqraft 16 Impresses on its First Test Drive

by | Oct 24, 2018

The Netherlands based yacht manufacturer Vanquish, which specialises in premium custom-made yachts using the latest marine technology, has successfully test driven its exciting new model – the unique Vanqraft 16.

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the Vanqraft which is described as a crossbreed; half water scooter and half superyacht tender – making it the first concept of its kind across the world. The idea here is to bring together style, space and comfort, with speed, agility and performance – two of the most desirable boating features that rarely work in harmony with each other. Vanquish has achieved this by combining a jet-ski style driver pod and scooter steering system with a tender boat decking and passenger seating area.

The standard Vanquish 16 is powered by a 1.8-litre engine from Yamaha, which provides the vessel with 200 horsepower – the words small and mighty come to mind. That engine is capable of reaching speeds of more than 40 knots which provides the ultimate thrill for you and up to 5 friends. It’s just over 5 metres long, meaning has much more of a presence than your average jetski whilst remaining compact and extremely practical.

If the regular model isn’t fast and furious enough for you then you can upgrade to the ‘Veloce’ edition – which really is a beast. Crafted in the same shell as the standard but equipped with a supercharged engine that will propel you through the water at more than 50 knots. That’s fast enough to give anyone a rush of adrenaline.

The V16 is also an expert handler; the jetski setup allows you to have ultimate control over the vessel and turn on a pinpoint if you’re looking to twist and dive for even more fun. It can even drive in reverse, which is very rare in the marine industry.

There’s no concrete price tag on the vessel as Vanquish pride themselves on tailoring every single one of their models to the owner’s wishes – so you can find your own perfect balance of price and style.

The video above shows the original test drive of the V16 early last year – it’s now on the market and ready for purchase.

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